A Middle Class Man

Welcome to the world of Middle class!
          MIDDLE CLASS LIFE, where we can challenge our challenges to acquire the end result. A Cat On The Wall is the finest instance that decently displays the state of Middle class people. People will feel like deciding what the things to do is the very tough decision that they ever made. That’s okay, but deciding whether we have to do it or not is the worst thing to pick. All these activities would be decided by variety of real time factors according to the situations.
A middle class man

     If we want to get flourished, touch your goal, accomplish something or to be unique while being Middle class, really needs our bravery, confidence, hard work and more.., The outcome may not be positive but staying with positive vibration matters. Being poor is might be an easy one – living without any desire. That became a habit and part of their life. Being rich also an easy one too — In-between a crowd is there known as Middle class people – A lot of words in queue to write about 😊

    Let’s see what are all the factors that makes us sense that we’re Middle class people and list of issues that we’re facing,
1.      Money Makes Many
2.      Family and Responsibility
3.      Situation – A Game Changer
4.      Job and Pay
5.      Sacrificing and Helping Personality
Here we go,

1. Money makes many
          In the whole world, 99.9% of people being in love with a paper termed MONEY. Money plays massive role in everyone’s life. This is the important economic element. When we really a bit poor at wealth then the factor that can lift you up is our positive attitude and the input can be given by us is hard work. Nothing can be replaced our hard work. There’re lots of ways to make money. One of the best and secret tactic is doing hard work in a smart way!
Money makes many
            Hearing a voice behind us like “Money isn’t an essential thing to be happy” is just a term. It would be pleasant to hear and express but without having money is like a tree without leaves, we may stand high but there won’t be any progress. This feel can be understandable by most of the Middle class people. Finally, even if we can state money is just a paper, we can’t ignore it anymore.
2. Family and Responsibility
          No one can disregard my point, People with whom we can stay absolutely happy is our FAMILY! In general, most of the families are depends on boys help. Yes, the aspect of gender segregates that male are in the necessity to taking care of our families than female (like me). When there’re both brother and sisters in a same family, then the accountability towards that brother might be a little high.
Family and responsibility
          The great matter that should be declared here is, none of us are feel problematic or hatred to take care of our family. Whatever the concerns in our personal life or at any situation, still we’re ready to support and stand with our family. Working and putting effort for our family bloods never can be considered as struggle. The blood group may change but the color of blood won’t. That’s red – Color of love 💓 Am I right? 😊

3. Situation – A Game Changer
          Introducing a real time challenge, SITUATION! It will test our feelings, give us bundle of trouble, will make us pain, broken and finally will leads us to cry. This might be a learning phase for us those who are really strong enough to survive or might glue our photograph on the wall with garland. But the choice is ours. Whenever we get bad whiles that we really need to shot the same into something decent in a clever way. It may be a challenge given to us to get up and prove ourselves that we’re brave enough.
Situation – A game changer
            There’s no need to be a game changer instead just be accepting. This ability is fair to go. Being Middle class, finding out the flaws and finding the corresponding solution is considered a gigantic victory and that will offer you tons of delight and fulfillment. That makes us highly motivated to battle further.
4. Job and Pay
          If you’re a Middle class man, without being job is a crime – This is the calculation of relatives and some good unknown people who really care about us. Just say thanks for their free advice and get into your duty (I used to be). The advice won’t be just end with this, you will be commented on your pay digits. The thing we should remember and put into their mind always is grossing even a single rupee coin is by our hard work and sweat. No one have the ability to talk about.
Job and pay
          There’s a doing called Savings, we can think about when we really feel settled. Being Middle class, every moment that we’re spending should be valid and should reflects in our outcome. Going for jobs that are non-relevant to what we studied but for money can shower the fragrance of happiness, because everything happens for a reason and it’s purely for our family and for our growth.

          Every single opportunity is made up of golden clock and missing those can’t be expressed and can’t be described in words but can do by feelings. Waiting for someone to lift us up may drain our moments, instead pushing ourselves makes us to feel confident and motivated. This is what we need to fly over the Middle class layer. Keep trying and start hovering once we attain is everything we need!
5. Sacrificing and Helping Personality
          Apart from money, family, job and all those things, Helping and sacrificing capability is appreciable and highly regarded among Middle class people. Predicting according to what we have and implementing the same as that of we forecasted shows us that we’re most matured in being Middle class. All these things are happening after sacrificing even a tiny things.
Sacrificing and helping personality
          When we’re really in a need to get something, but due to money or anyone with a need with higher priority, we may not get it. While start understanding and abandon our desires never gonna mark us down, as I said; that’s all about understandings and realizing. Sacrifice and help are a kind of dual objects, they can be performed together in a great projected mode!
          Being Middle class isn’t an issue but being middle class when we go out of the globe is the issue. let’s do our best with enormous quantity of energy!

Thanks so much everyone for your time and readings. I hope these words mirrors your thoughts in your mind. Please do comment your valuable opinion 😊

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