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Who Am I?

yes.kaWIN - I'm a passionate Online marketer, Blogger and Web designer. I write articles on Motivation, Confidence, Passion and so on. Also writing posts on web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and also on Internet advertising methodologies, Techniques, Channels and more,

My Story

Proficient in anything was once a beginner! When I was started my UG in Information Technology I don't have an aim about my future. When I'm completing my UG I felt very happy for choosing this field. It's due to I learned a lot from the Internet than my books. I'm learning more than I learned in the College. the kind of person who knows the value of an opportunity and the pain of missing that.

My Passion

I love to do everything if It gives me satisfaction and happiness. Below are some of my roles that I would like to let you know.

Online Marketing

I choose my career in online marketing and still, it's the best decision that I made in my life. Just love this field!


When I think more start writing articles. It became my passion when I keep writing them. These articles would be a reflection of an event!

Web Designing

I like to deal with web concepts more. Web designing/hosting, banner ad designing. This is the best topic!

My Portfolio

Check out my digital profile to know complete information.

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