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  • I'm really excited to inform you that I'm accepting proposals for advertising in the form of banner ads and promotional texts on my blog for free! You, your friends or your relatives may run a local or online business. It would be super helpful to grow when you showcase your business among people out here.
  • Basically, you should do an announcement to make people know about your business. That is called awareness. The great way to reach people is online. I'm happy and would like to be a part of your growth by giving space for advertising on my blog for free!


  • yes.kaWIN - live with passion is a fast-growing blog where you can read articles on motivation, confidence, passion and so on. I refresh your mind by making you realize yourself. I'm also publishing articles on Technical and Marketing frequently.
  • yes.kaWIN obtaining nearly 500 visitors per month and over 2000 page views. I hope this could be one of the best platforms to showcase your business/services.

Accepted Ad Formats & Promotional texts:

  • I'm accepting ads in the below formats,
    • Static banners (JPEG & PNG).
    • Animated banner (GIF & HTML)
    • iframe/JavaScript tags
  • Promotional texts should have multiple paragraphs.

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions:

  • Advertising on my blog is for absolutely free of cost. My main motto is to help/encourage young and dynamic businessmen/women and help to bring them online.
  • Ad banners/promotional texts should be provided by the owner of the business (we can design the attractive banners/promotional texts if you don't have. Charges will apply according to the requirement*).
  • Size of the static banners should not exceed 80 KB and 120 KB for animated banners. iframe/JavaScript tags should be lightweight. Video formats will not be accepted.
  • The business details that you are going to give/include in the banner/promotional texts should be true.
  • Banner/promotional texts must not contain any adult content, incomplete data and the announcement/text on the ad banners should be clear, readable and understandable.
  • Ad banners should be in the below dimensions and the promotional texts should have 300 to 600 words.
    • 250x250
    • 300x250
    • 320x50 (Mobile)
    • 468x60
    • 728x90.
  • Have a destination page URL/Landing page URL to direct the visitors to your respective website.


Come and join - Let's grow together 🙂

Reach me for any further questions!