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As we have gone through in the previous article “How to Earn with Affiliate Programs?”, The affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn for Bloggers. Please go through if you didn’t do. If you’re running a blog with quality content and blank spaces, I would strongly recommend you to start running the affiliate ads.

Displaying banner isn’t the only way to do affiliate marketing. There are many ways to promote products/services. Please go through my previous article to know more about the ways of doing affiliate marketing “How to Earn with Affiliate Programs?”.

I would like to suggest you guys some Affiliate program sites. I hope that they will help you to grow and earn through them,

    1. Amazon Associates
    2. WordPress
    3. Site ground
    4. SEM Rush
    5. Infolinks
    6. Propeller Ads
    7. PopAds


  1. Amazon Associates:

yeskaWIN - live with passion - amazon associates
Amazon Associates


  1. WordPress:

yeskaWIN - live with passion - wordpress

    • WordPress is a free and open source CMS (Content Management System). This is best for bloggers to manage their blog without any complexity. This ‘drag and drop’ and ‘plugin’ methodology makes the bloggers to start loving WordPress.
    • You can refer and earn up to a $300 and up to 20% commission for every conversion.
    • The referral formats can be,
    • Below are the additional products/vendors you can refer that are associated with WordPress.
    • This is one of the suitable affiliate programs for the blog contents related to Education, Web technology, Web hosting, Web designing, Technical blogs and more.
    • You can get all the stats in your WordPress affiliate
    • The payment will be made immediately once the conversion has been recorded.
    • Sign up with WordPress affiliate now and start earning!


  1. Site Ground:

yeskaWIN - live with passion - site ground
Site Ground


  1. SEMrush (BeRush):

yeskaWIN - live with passion - sem rush (be rush)
SEMrush (BErush)


  1. Infolinks:

yeskaWIN - live with passion - infolinks

    • Infolinks is an ad network site. This is best for bloggers to advertise on their blogs. This is one of the best alternative for Google AdSense.
    • Add the ads.txt file. Then choose your format and enable it for your blog to start earning.
    • You can earn up to 10% to 20% commission for each conversion.
    • You can get real-time sites sign-up reports and live statistics 24/7.
    • Referral formats are,
    • Register with Infolinks now and earn more!


  1. PropellerAds:

yeskaWIN - live with passion - propellerads


  1. PopAds:

yeskaWIN - live with passion - popads

    • PopAds one of the best ad network. This is a very suitable one for Publishers and advertisers as well as promote their products/services.
    • This is specialized in providing Popunder ads. Dynamic market, Fast payment, Perfect support and High security are the features of PopAds.
    • You will earn 10% of referred publishers revenue and 10% of referred advertisers spent.
    • Below are referral formats,
    • Register your website with PopAds and start earning now!


There are more affiliate programs from the below Web hosting and Domain name providers. Have a look at every affiliate programs and find out the most suitable one for you,

Go through my previous article “Best Web Hosting & Domain Name Providers” for more details on Web hosting and domain names.

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