Come out of your Comfort Zone

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Believe me! Your comfort zone will never give you a permanent outcome. That restricts your wide actions and movements. This is just like daydreaming that never happens. When you are ready to extend your thoughts and pleased to go with your decisions by coming out from your comfort zone, you became a decision maker. A sharp vision on your objective will not at all leave you alone. Life builds the below 4 zones to go,

        1. Comfort Zone
        2. Practice Zone
        3. Improving Zone
        4. Victory Zone

The words from others play a major role in making decisions in your life when you are within the comfort zone. The finest way is to listen to their words and filter out what suits you. Implement the same with your powerful thought to build a new empire. You might feel wonderful and start achieving when you are there in the zone. But you will not see the acceleration. It leads to pulling down your progression.


1. Comfort Zone:

Our comfort region shines as our favorite area and the safest place as always until we think about our enlargement. If you really care about your self-development and want to be matchless among these people, try to sacrifice leave your favorites. ‘No pain! No gain!’ Just stand out and work for it. That’s an astonishing feel ever! Your place is already reserved somewhere in the universe by the god. Finding that would be your real dare.

yeskawin - live with passion - comfort zone
Comfort zone

When you start taking the risk for your improvement and growth denotes that you are on track traveling towards your actual favorite zone. Showcase your progression in front of you to keep you focused until you come to a flow. Then the diversion may need to leave you.


2. Practice Zone:

A very usual thing among people is to be panic for their decisions. They might not know that their own path has been created already. I agree, even a skilled, experienced will go confident less when they just feel negative at the moment. But this shines until they realize they are correct. Do practice as much as you can to wipe out all your fear. 'Practice makes a man perfect' and to go talented!

yeskawin - live with passion - practice zone
Practice zone

Looking for excuses will show you a person is just practiced and tried to do his best but could not make it. When you are superior at the moment, appreciation should be the reply to the person. The power of appreciation will bring enormous upshot. Be with a bit feared only for your decisions but not for others and their actions.


3. Improving Zone:

As soon as you realize that the struggles and challenges are part of life, your journey continues to flow towards your next chapter. Happy to have challenges, they are all the opportunities to bring you up. You are creating a path for your own and setting up targets to reach in this zone. Just walk on the steps to go up. Temporary and blurred ideas would not be succeeded.

yeskawin - live with passion - improving zone
Improving zone

Your clear understandings and the way you execute your strategy will never scatter your view. The world canon might be the wrong one sometimes when we implement our own tactic.


4. Victory Zone:

All are working to land in the victory zone where you can taste your results. This is the place to where you can take pleasure in your triumph, can see the path you traveled. But the tests never end. Some might go further from here and some may not.

yeskawin - live with passion - victory zone
Victory zone

Accepting that the further failures will never impact the future victories highlights the maturity level of succeeded one. Make people realize how you worked hard to reach the top but try not to express. Invest your effort and energy in what you are God at you get the favorable result. Keep on tracking your headway and experience the joy by living in your dreams that already came true.


Be proud of your work even if it brings a single drop of the result. Nothing is wrong with your selection just make it the best selection 🙂



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