COVID-19 Survey: People to get call from 1921

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Covid-19 Survey

PIB Maharashtra tweeted that the government of India has announced that it will conduct a telephonic survey on COVID-19. This survey is to gather feedback and information from people. Mode of the survey will be through telephone. People will receive a call from 1921. The government informed people to participate in this survey and advised to be cautious against the prank calls.


The survey will be conducted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Government of India. India already crossed 20,000 cases and it's current;y at 21,456 with 16,392 active cases. Total recovered cases are 4,382 and total death cases are 682. People feel that it would be a great initiative to ask people about the current status and situation of Coronavirus.


The central government has also asked the states to inform people about the telephonic survey. Also advice the stated to host the information about this survey in their State Heath Department’s home page and other departments’ homepage'.


Please do participate in this survey and give genuine answers to keep the fight against Coronavirus. Let us contribute to the government in this way!

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