Fill your Skull with Skill!

The most powerful weapon to beat your opponent is Skill. Definitely, skill is completely not about education or study. It is a general term to define the ability of a person. This is more about knowledge. There is no specific domain or area to define the skill. If you are good at singing, you are a singer. If you are an expert in cricket, yes! You are a cricketer. Likewise, it is everywhere. The skill set never forgets you to reward at the right time. So, keep going with your improved learning.

yeskaWIN - live with passion - Fill your Skull with Skill
Fill your Skull with Skill

Experience is the backbone of skilled people. The more skills you gain, the most brilliant you are. When you are becoming an experienced or specialist in something, additional responsibilities and challenges will join with you in the journey. Don’t ignore them; progression of your augmentation may get paused. You should pick them up and use wisely to be even smart. “Knowledge is Power” this proverb could not be ignored here. Driving our mind in single track towards knowledge is better than driving in multiple. Focus on the one and accomplish that!

The below three things are necessary when we talk about the skill,

  1. Being Keen to Learn
  2. Sharing Skills
  3. Earning with your Learning


  1. Being Keen to Learn:

Create curiosity in you. That is where you start to build your skills. Stay hungry to learn from your routine. Do not ignore things. Because there might be chances to miss the opportunity. Just be clear in your path and do with determination. Learning is endless. Develop yourself to be unique among people in the competitive world. Nothing is permanent except for your skills and experience.

yeskaWIN - live with passion - Being Keen to Learn
Being Keen to Learn

Do research in which you are passionate about. You are becoming a master when you are elegant enough in your area. Find out quality people and start picking good skills from them. Learning is all about the way you are approaching others and self-interest. These two can fulfill your hungry of curiosity. Never hesitate to ask over others when you really want to know something that would tutor you. There’s nothing called age when you chatter on learning. Learn from students if you are a teacher; be taught from your failure when you are the winner to come out even more perfect.


  1. Sharing Skills:

Sharing things what you know or what you have learnt with people is a great attitude among others. Always happy to educate and guide people to make them grow and absolutely you too will grow! The more you are sharing your skills the more you are practicing. Keep building your own library full of your skills, knowledge and experience. That would be the great feel ever and your proud moment.

yeskaWIN - live with passion - Sharing the skills
Sharing Skills

Once you have decided to share your skills, do it in a better way. Find the right people who are showing attention in learning. Do not take back your skills with you; instead, put your skills and experience together to make an asset to help others. Be the mentor and show people the right way.


  1. Earning with your Learning:

The best mastermind is converting your skills and knowledge into your regular earnings. Gaining skills fulfills your soul; on the other hand, money fulfills your daily need. Here your skill maintains you like an economical and skilled on another side in such a balanced manner. When the level of your skill set is accelerated, the earnings you are getting are increasing too. Keep your mind sharpen and find a way to build an empire. Your ‘Keep learning’ ability will not impact your ‘Keep earning’.

yeskaWIN - live with passion - Earning with your Learning
Earning with your Learning

Our studies and education is the base for earning money. Earning with your skills will not completely come under business. Sharing skills for earning also can be considered as a service. Your main motto may not be earning money. But when you don’t have any other options, you start using your skills to earn. It depends on the people. But nothing is wrong here. You should proud of you to have such skills!

Some gain money with their skills and some gain skills with their money. Just pick your choice, how you wanted to be and start auctioning. Be the brilliant every day and keep your progression in motion🙂



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