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Choose a Good Domain Name

When you know How to choose a good domain name for your business or blog growing your business online became a very easy process. When you think of extending your business or blog, digital would be the best way to reach the audience. The digital world is working around the internet now. Most of the people are having a smartphone and they satisfice their needs and find their solution online. You may have a good brand and maybe running a local business. To grow your business digitally, you need a website.

A website brings the professional way to approach people. That showcases all your services, potential and tells more about your business and history. When people are interested in your service, you get the opportunity to convert them into your customer. It's all about the website!


10 Things to consider when choosing Good Domain Name

The below 10 points are very important when you choose the domain name for your business or blog. These should be considered by every business owner and blogger to grow online and to get more business.

  1. Keep it short
  2. Relevant to your business
  3. Easy to spell
  4. Easy to type
  5. Include keywords in the domain name
  6. Include location (if it's a local business)
  7. Avoid special characters and number
  8. Always go with '.com'
  9. Install SSL
  10. Buy from a trusted seller

1. Keep the domain name short

When you decided to buy a domain for your business or blog, getting a short name is highly recommended. This really helps people to remember your business or blog forever. Try to get your domain name as short as possible. 12 characters is the average length of a domain name according to the DataGenetics info.

You can see all the world's top brands are with domain name very short.

2. Relevant to your business

Make sure the selected name is relevant to your business. The relevancy is so important for a domain name.

If you own a flower shop, you may name the domain FlowerGarden, FlowerWorld, FlowerParadise something like this.

3. Easy to spell

Don't show your vocabulary skills in your domain name. You may know the world very well but others may not. So, It's always better to go with well-known words and are easy to spell. An easy spelt domain name should be like, people should understand while you telling your domain name through call/directly.

4. Easy to type

The domain name also should be very easy to type as well. Don't make people misunderstand or misspell your domain name. When you choose a name that is easy to spell, that would be easy to type as well.


5. Include keywords in the domain name

This is one of the very important points when you buy your dream domain name. It must include at least one keyword of your business.
If your business is a flower shop, the domain name should include the keyword Flower in it. This will really help you in search engine ranking. When the domain name includes keywords that increase the possibility of getting more business, creates an opportunity to have more visitors.

If you are a technical blogger you may select the name with Tech/technology accordingly or specific niche of your technical part. That would help you in getting more traffic to your blog.

yes.kaWIN - live with passion - How to choose a good domain name for your business or blog

6. Include location the domain name (if it's a local business)

If you running a local business and want to focus more on local customers, include your location in the domain name. That would act as a keyword as well. If you are running a flower shop in Chennai. Buy domain name something like

That would be visible to the audience around Chennai. So, be location specific!

7. Avoid special characters and number domain name

A hyphen '-' is the only character allowed in the domain name. Avoid including a hyphen in your domain name. This may make people feel difficult while typing/conveying to someone.

Also, try not to include the number in the domain name. This may impact your SEO ranking and won't be a formal one.

8. Always go with '.com' extension

yes.kaWIN - live with passion - How to choose a good domain name for your business or blog
The first priority should be getting the domain name in '.com' extension. This is the common and most widely used extension. .com indicate the global. So it's always best to choose '.com'. That increases the chance of getting traffic globally.

If your business is country-focused you can choose a country-specific extension.

  • India - .in
  • United Kingdom- .uk
  • Canada - .ca
  • Australia - .au
  • and more

You should also consider the below according to your business type,

  • Organization - .org
  • Network - .net
  • Information - .info
  • Education - .edu
  • Government - .gov

9. Install SSL

Security for a domain is very essential to protect your site from spammers, hackers and malicious attacks. You can get SSL for free now-a-days from your hosting provider or get it by paying for high-security SSL.

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10. Buy domain name from a trusted seller

You can see n number of domain name providers these days. But always buy from well known, brand, standard domain name providers like below,

Just go through the above 10 points thoroughly before choosing your dream domain name. Use this as a checklist and finalize your name. I hope you know how to choose a good domain name for your business or blog now. Grow well online!

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