How To Earn With Affiliate Programs?

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Are you a passionate Blogger? Do you want to earn with your Blogging skills? If your reply is “yes” for both the questions, you’re at the right place. Here I have showcased the ways of earning with affiliate programs. You can go ahead and sign up on their sites to start referring. You will get paid when you make traffic or conversions. Most of the affiliate programs are conversion based. You just need to input your blogging skills and marketing skills as well.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is a branch of marketing strategy to get commission by referring others to an advertiser or product owner. Internet is the major medium used for affiliate marketing. This is guaranteed marketing to earn as much as you refer.

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Affiliate Programs

How to do Affiliate Marketing:?

There’s nothing complex here,

  1. Referral Link:
    • You will get a referral link once you registered your details with the respective affiliate program’s site.
    • Ex:
    • This URL is unique one created for you. Whenever a visitor directs to the advertiser website by clicking your referral URL. You get a commission when the advertiser gets traffic or conversions.
  1. Banners:
    • You will get static or animated images in the standard ad dimensions with referral link implemented.
    • Ex:

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    • These Banners can be placed on the website or blog that you own.
    • When the visitor clicks on the banner will be directed to the advertiser’s website.


Different tactics to refer:

Owning a blog or website makes you a complete affiliate marketer. There are many tactics to get started with affiliate marketing,

  1. Writing articles on their product/services
  2. Reviewing their product/services.
  3. Making YouTube videos.
  4. Sending emails.
  5. Commenting on other sites.
  6. Sharing the referral link on Social Media and more.


  1. Writing articles on their product/services:
    • You can write some articles explaining their products/services. Also, you can insert your referral links on texts when you’re using the advertiser’s name, product/service name.
      • Ex: Build your website on the WordPress platform.
    • Placing their logo or product image (referral link implemented) in between the contents will increase the chance of clicking.
    • Write good contents on your blog and keep engaging your audience with your frequent posts.

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Writing articles on their product/services


  1. Reviewing their product/services:
    • Take particular product/services and describe the specification, cost, quality and so on in an article and in the video.
    • Usually, people will go for reviews when looking to get something. So the chance of engaging with their product/service through your review is high when people impressed with the specification and so on.
    • Speak about your experience with the product/services if you are using already.

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Reviewing their product/services


  1. Making YouTube videos:
    • Create a video explaining the product/service and about the specifications.
    • People get attracted when they see visually. It is the best alternative for people who are all not interested in reading articles.
    • Place your referral in the comment section and ask your audience to go through your referral link.

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Making YouTube videos


  1. Sending emails:
    • Email is the best If you would like to handle affiliate marketing in a bit professional way.
    • Let the Email subject catchier. Keep the content attractive, short and crispy. Include images furnishing specifications (your referral link should be implemented).
    • Send Emails to your friends or group of people interested in a particular product/service.

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Sending emails


  1. Commenting on other sites:
    • Find some posts, forums or blogs related to your advertiser’s product/services to post your comment with your referral link.
    • Give a short definition and ask them to check out here.
    • Replying to other comments may lead them to check by clicking your referral link.

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Commenting on other sites


  1. Sharing the referral link on Social Media:
    • Share your articles, reviews, videos or referral links on Social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and on others.
    • Chance of getting audience engagement is really high on social media.
    • Respond to people’s comments on your post.

yeskawin - live with passion - sharing on social media
Sharing the referral link on Social Media


And there are more ways to promote or refer an advertiser’s products/services. It is all about how we are effectively using the medium. If you own a blog don’t wait. Start earning from now and keep referring and supporting good products/services.

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