Life is all about dealing with dual components like victory-failure, happy-sad, up-down and so on. Usually, we have a state of mind to accept and celebrate when a good thing happens. But we are not at all ready and don’t want even to know when it is ghastly. Why is that? Human mind came to a flow that positive result is the only option to live our life gladly. We start to miss something here. Yes, that is acceptance.
Proud to be a loser
When people come across a bad while, only some of us are really geared up to accept it. But not rest. We start to succeed in each endeavor when we have the ability to accept the crash. We can say this is the best opportunity in the world to learn, realize, experience, analyze and more. Getting succeeded at first attempt will get success alone. When you fail, it’s the time to take a diversion towards better opportunity!

Vision of people
            In general, when we are in a competition and ready to accept the challenges – The 100% focus will be on success. Yes of course and it should be! When we’re done with our challenge, some may fail and the positive result may change the life of some. But we have people another side of victory. They are not just lost, they tried! It is the time to speak about these people who lost (tried) in their challenge.
Vision of people
            When you lost, just feel positive and say “I’m Proud to be a loser” and it’s the time to start shining. We get success when our motto is sharp. Yes! The small and sharp aim makes your result very broad. Can you believe it? But there is a module in between called confidence. You should stay with confidence and should have a take-it-easy capability to move forward. It may take more time to meet your goal but the end result would be greater than what you expected. When the massive result combined with our experience, it leads to building a real successful human.
Handling victory and failure

            When the situation says that you are not fit enough or need some efforts – You just get failed but not your efforts and confidence! That is okay. This is a break to meet a better opportunity than this. Consume the time and put 200% effort until you get next chance. Deposit what you just gain and wait for the result. If your result is positive, accept it and grow up in the way. Expand your dream. Target and work for it. There’s a line “Run like a horse until you get the victory, Run faster than the horse once you get it – Only then you can keep the victory with you”. Victory should be handled in such a way. As said, getting victory may be an easy thing but maintaining matters a lot to us.
Handling victory and failure
            Always a lost mind can think and get a clear scheme. We can observe the hard work and zealous would be double the amount when back to the battle. This is what absolutely needed to a person who dies to live. When we lose every time it is important to believe this is for just to acquire better opportunity. Maturity brings lots of confidence during such a bad while.
Average to Awesome – A transformation
            Most of the time, The expectation and positivity come from the direction of average people. It triggers to step up when we fail. When we think getting fail is not our duty, it makes us fire up inside. The passion, dedication and hard work converts every opportunity to victory and make every drop of sweat most valuable and meaningful. This is the point where the average people being transformed into awesome people.
Average to Awesome
            Every intelligent person should come through a lot of struggle and knowledge. They are the shortcut for your success. Stealing their knowledge and experience would not be illegal to do. Collect every incident in your life and arrange them for better understandings in the future. The collaboration of things and understanding them in our own way will surely lift us to the sky to fly. Just follow your own way of life and live as you wish.

            Always agree to what happens to you. That denotes you have enough potential to handle victory as well as failure. Work for your slogan to keep going and growing. There are plenty of chances to light up ourselves in several ways. But finding out them is the trick here. Just finding out our passion interest than working with them makes us do more with tons of happiness and satisfaction. This is a kind of methodology to handle our fail smoothly. It’s due to, none of us will feel awful or give up when we do our most lovable thing which is close to our heart.
Let’s wait for your occasion and celebrate like anything once you get it!
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