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Top 5 Downloaded Apps

Most of the countries are under complete lockdown doe the the COVID-19 pandemic. So the usage of internet and media has been drastically increased all over the world. Internet based companies are using this situation to drive new customers to their apps/platform. Since the lockdown started, most of the companies are informed their employees to Work From Home and they are in the need of using video conference apps. This situation made people to use internet more.


The download stats have been collected during these three time periods:

  • 1st Mar to 11th Mar - India didn't feel much impact of COVID-19
  • 11th Mar to 25th Mar - India started to implement social distancing.
  • 25th Mar to 10th Apr - India is under complete lockdown and none of the public transport, services, etc are working.

Download stats

According to the stats of an US based firm Sensor Tower, the video conferencing app Zoom have seen 125,000 downloads in India during the first time period. It became 3.6 million downloads during the second time period.

The below 5 apps are the most downloaded apps in India during 25th Mar to 10th Apr the third time period,

Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant tweeted on 15 April that Aarogya Setu had gained 50 million users in 13 days after its launch on 2 April. This indicates that the app may have been downloaded more than 13.4 million times in India. According to Google’s Play Store, the app was downloaded over 50 million times as of 22nd April.

Before the lockdown

Before implementing the lockdown, Zoom was not at the top five downloaded apps in India. At the time the below 5 apps were at the top 5,

Download Stats Other Apps

Below is the list of other apps with their respective download stats.

yes.kaWIN - live with passion - Top 5 downloaded apps in India during lockdown till now 2Top 5 downloaded apps in India during lockdown till now

As we can see in the above figure there're much difference in the download numbers. The stats for the fourth time period i getting ready and will be released soon, said, Craig Chapple, a mobile insights strategist at Sensor Tower.


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