What will happen if Google decided to show ads on its home page?

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Google LLC! We know it’s a USA based multinational organization. Its specialized in providing multiple services like search engine, webmail, web browser, cloud-based applications, AI, online advertising and the list goes on. This is damn sure that the world is under Google’s control and Google is under the 47 years old Tamizh guy Pichai Sundararajan who is CEO of Google. The latest survey says that Google’s major revenue comes from online advertising. Online advertising is rapidly growing day-by-day due to the arrival of new companies, increasing internet users, technology development and so on.

yes.kaWIN - live with passion - ads on google
Ads on Google home page

With this drastic growth of the internet, the most beneficial are Advertisers and Publishers. They both are very close to the term online advertising. The Advertiser is the owner of a product or services (Samsung, P&G, Honda). On the other hand, Publisher denotes Website, Blog, Mobile App or other online advertising mediums who provide the space on the internet to advertise (W3Schools, Know Online Advertising). Also an organization or individual can be both advertiser and publisher (Amazon). Let’s see how Google and online advertising influences people in the real world.


Google’s facts about the stats:

When I was searching for stats, I found an interesting site Internet Live Stats. According to this site, Google is receiving 75,873 search requests for every second,  79,665 YouTube videos viewed in 1 second and 75,700 GB of Internet traffic in 1 second. Just jump into that site to get more curious stats.


Ads on Google home page – An imagination:

This is going to be so funny 😀 Let’s imagine, Google decided to show banner ads on its home page. We can expect at least 3 ad slots for sure.

  1. At the top
  2. At the left
  3. At the right

Can you guess what the ad dimension would be at the top?

According to an online marketer’s perspective, it should be a Leaderboard (LB – 728x90) or any other standard ad sizes with a limited height (<100 pixels) like 970x90. This is the compact and best fit to sit centered above Google’s logo.

For mobile devices, Mobile Leaderboard (MLB-320x50) will be there at the top. This is the best-fit ad slot for mobile and hope Google will prefer the same.

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Ads on Google home page - Mobile

Whose ads can we expect at the top?

                I would say its Amazon’s banner. Yes! We can see Amazon’s Leaderboard will be running for most of the times and there are chances to see some top advertisers ads like Honda, Microsoft, Philips and more to say. Is it quite interesting to hear? Let’s visualize our imagination here,

yes.kaWIN - live with passion - ads on google-top
Ads on Google home page - Desktop - Top

What the ad dimension would be at the left and right now?

90% it’s half-page ad (300x600) for sure! Google can accommodate two mid-page units (300x250) one below one or two squares (250x250) one below one. If not, there should be Sky (120x600) or Wide Sky (160x600) will be there. Let’s imagine how the ad slots will sit at the left and right of Google’s search bar.

yes.kaWIN - live with passion - ads on google-left-right
Ads on Google home page - Desktop - Top - Left - Right

Google may place one more ad at the bottom. If I’m the CEO of Google, I would try at least for a day 😀 This is such a funny thing that I have never seen before! That is why imagination has special power and that may come true!


What might the cost to book the ad placement?

The advertisers may need to pay more than 20% of their revenue to block the slot. If it happens, small businesses and startups have a lot of opportunities to grow by advertising here. The revenue of Google will be at the peak and it might become the major revenue source among others. Google may need to build a special ad management system to control traffic and performance.


What would be affected?

The advertisers may show interest to advertise on Google home page but users definitely won’t show be happy. Basically, people don’t like ads. What will happen if they see ads on their favorite platform? That will disappoint them. When the internet is disconnected, people re-check the internet connection by searching Google.com. Wow! We found an internet testing machine 😀

I will pray to God to keep the imagination as just to be imagination. I know none of us in the universe would like this. Let the Google serve us whatever we want without any interruption 🙂



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